, India is India’s First & Foremost pureplay Travel News Media Portal. It publishes the Latest News, Updates, Trends & Analysis on covering the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Allied Industry across India & Worldwide. also emails the Latest Travel Industry News in form of Travel E-Newsletter to 56,000++ Travel Industry Professionals across India & Globally on a Bi-weekly basis.
Traveltechie also helps Travel, Tourism, Hotel & Allied Suppliers to Advertise their Products to their B2B Travel Trade as well as B2C Target Audience through Online Banner Advertisements as well as Exclusive Emailers (EDMs).

Traveltechie is led by Mr. Sameer Patil

For ICTP Members:

We can provide 20% discounts on our Advertising Rate cards for ICTP Members
Interested: Helping Suppliers reach out their products to Indian Travel Trade through Advertising & PR

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