Vagabond Images Upendra Swami, India

Professionally a journalist and passionately a traveler, writer & photographer. Traveled across India and fortunately some places outside India as well. I have now turned my passion into my profession. I have also worked as a Travel Editor with one of the biggest newspapers in the country. After working in mainstream media for 23 years, I started my own travel magazine. I also have a very popular travel blog and another travel website. I am there on youtube as well with my channel – everybodysaysiamfine.
I also have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Hence I am an influencer in my humble capacity.

I go to tourist destinations and places around the world and write about them with my own experience and perspective, which has always been appreciated.
Since I am also a photographer, I capture images in very satisfying manner. I also shoot videos for uploading on my YouTube channel.
I visit hotels and review them.
So benefit in working with me is that along with all social media push, I can develop strong text, photo and video content from single assignment to be used on various platforms.
I also provide a wider global print & online reach through all my platforms.
Thereby, just by hosting me, my clients can have a content in print, on blog, on Instagram and on YouTube, all together.

Through this membership I hope to be part of a larger global travel community which can help me in developing wider perspectives as well as gathering business development opportunities.
I am interested in getting offers about visiting places and write about them from various tourism boards across the globe.
I am also interested in getting offers to visit hotels and review them.
I am interested in getting assignments on barter or with payment to develop text, photo or video content for any member of the ICTP community as per their requirement.

by Upendra Swami