Virunga Communications Initiative, Kisoro, Uganda Kisoro ,Uganda

I am an accomplished and experienced Tour Guide in the Virunga masif,(Nature&Culture expert) in an eco-system that is endowed with the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys and several endemic bird species.
I am interested in Sports Tourism, where Marathon Runs have been introduced in the regional primary schools for a sustainable source of living. The introduction and development of these extra-curricular activities are not only limited to the Sports, but Arts&Crafts creative works, Rehabilitation of the less advantaged ‘Batwa’ pygmies, the former forest peoples who are being assimilated in the normal lifestyles.
A lot has been planned for the creation of a Habitat for these extraordinarily talented people through media by exposing their musical expertise that is beyond your imagination.
The challenge is of how to fund such projects…..

For ICTP Members: By introducing the extraordinary talents of the former forest peoples, exposing their cultural and natural background of expertise in conservation , this can contribute to a better world scenario for the rest to learn and teach others .
The ideologies embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) are simply on paper, the communities that we are working with are capable of implementing this into a pilot action plan, that can easily operate around for a better world.

Interested: These and many more exemplary projects are possible only when there is a combined effort of members to financially support such ideas from the grassroots, and monitor the progress of such a project where funding is necessarily the main challenge faced by the disadvantaged communities. Thank you!

by Ben Eric Kwizera