Lebanese University: Faculty of Tourism and Hopsitality Management

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Lebanese University is a young Faculty, distinguished for its applied orientations, where learning and training are primarily geared towards practical and professional purposes. It teaches students according to the latest scientific and international basics, qualifying them to work in the fields of tourism, travel, tourist guidance and hotel management, whether in Lebanon or in other Arab countries.grants the following diplomas: A Bachelor in:
Hotel Management,Travel and Tourism , and Tourist Guidance; A Master 1 in Hotel Management & Master 1 in Travel and Tourism; Professional Master 2 in Hotel Management and Professional Master 2 in Travel and Tourism; and Research Master 2 in Tourism.
I teach a graduate course on Advanced Events Management and supervise BA final projects, MA theses, and internship reports.

FOR ICTP MEMBERS: I can hep out in executing events such as conferences, exhibitions, and seminars about tourism and other related topics.

I’m mainly interested in being knowledgeable about world tourism trends and become a part of this world interest group.