Wavecrest college of hospitality ,Lagos Nigeria

Developing the potential in others, impacting on them, my Environment and beyond, where opportunities exist, informs all I do.

I am passionate about impacting on people especially the young generation in my Country as a whole and on the Hospitality,Tourism and Agricultural industries.

I desire to see my country be a developed one through Hospitality,Tourism and Agriculture. Thus, as far as i can spear my time and effort I wish to use it to serve Nigeria and humanity within my cycle of influence.


I can in many ways through the various role I play in my country and beyond as trainer,educator,blogger, Woman scientist, and through my Professional association and active position I hold in it,also through my involvement at any stage in research and development programs.

More importantly through contributions i can be called upon to give being part of the Hospitality and Tourism field.

In addition, telling many others about ICTP and the benefits and values it has that I believe am yet to discover. Although newly introduced by Mr. Oshidero now a member from Nigeria.

INTERESTED: I wish to learn all the ICTP stands for to better the Tourism industry across the globe that cane be implented likewise in my country to enhance lives, create job and wealth for all.

I am interested in ICTP offering me as far as it can learning experience, skills,competences to better carry out my leadership roles within all my cycle of influence in such a way as to impact on persons,things and places, and also improve the Tourism industry and other linked industries or development goals it may have.

Lauretta Togonu-Bickersteth


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